Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I needed a bit of a break from my dissertation so I thought perhaps I'd write something for you lovely people on here. The dissertation is going well but it's just intense. I had my last supervision this morning and my dissertation supervisor said he can't imagine anyone being further on in the drafting process, which is reassuring, but I still would like to get ahead with it as I do need to start my 3,000 word essay a.s.a.p. Yawn! Nevertheless, I'm enjoying it.

The good mood persists, which is nice because I think if I were in a bad mood I would be totally drowning under my work instead of feeling nice and capable though a little time-pressured (which is where I am now).

Summer though! Summer is looking promising for so many reasons, which at present I cannot share but I will the moment I can. But I will say this: Chicago is definitely happening, California is looking even more exciting than it already was, I have the opportunity to see the Olympic Torch twice, I have my graduation dates and the time of my ceremony set and I have all sorts of projects up my sleeves. Eeeee! I'm starting to feel like a proper adult now and it's tremendous.

I would like to write a little more but I have to get back to work. Hopefully it won't be a month until my next post!

Listening to: Sponji Reggae by Black Uhuru
Book I just finished: The Elephant War by Gillian Avery
Chicago 21st: PAID FOR :)
Ideal graduate living: £0