Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to the Twenties

Earlier today I got a (familiar) nasty feeling, although in truth it had been building up for quite some time. Palms sweaty, anxiety levels spike. Suddenly everything feels a little chaotic and immediately I must find things to throw at that chaos. Normally this is easily remedied by dyeing my hair but unfortunately I am trying to wean myself off the blonde stuff to let my hair repair a little and put aside pennies for what I hope will be a 21st birthday week spent with friends in my favourite city in the U.S.A.: Chicago. All things go, all things go.

Anyway so deprived of my top solution to the crappy chaotic state of mind I tried the second one -- one that rarely fails me. Start a new blog. What could possibly go wrong! Appropriately, I have twenty-something blogs (most of them are now locked away under totally private settings) and I generally fail at updating all of them regularly. Recently I've favoured tumblr because it's not really blogging appropriate so if I stick a sneaky post in here or there I don't feel any responsibility to keep posting blog posts in the future. They are more angsty vignettes than blog posts, I suppose.

This, on the other hand, is commitment. Sort of. Here are the things to which I am committed at this point:
  • Blogging at least once a week, preferably more often.
  • Tracking the dodgy state of mind I expect to constantly find myself in upon writing a dissertation, approaching graduation, trying to go on vacation (I don't normally use that word but the -ations were just too nice) and ideally, finding the perfect job. Or lots of perfect jobs, I'm really not picky. I'll take what I can get.
  • Getting in shape for summer. It would be really nice to not have to worry about my body on the beach and just to feel carefree and magical.
  • Organising and developing video projects.
  • Vaguely keeping track of what I'm writing and how much I'm writing (fiction). I'm all about the process and in the manner of a true narcissistic I'd like to establish what my process actually is.

Now that's over and done with, introductions. The bulk of the people reading this will probably know these things, but in case you have oh-so-luckily stumbled across my blog from the Google abyss or wherever, here you go: my name is Rosianna (nicknames include roast, roast potato, Rosipo--there's a theme--Rosi banana, Zanna and of course, Rosi, which everyone on the other side of the pond strangely feels compelled to call me) and I am, as of Wednesday 25th January 2012, twenty years of age and some five or six months. I'm in my last few months of studying BA English at university and I spent my second year of studies abroad at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York.

I videoblog on the YouTube channel missxrojas and have been doing so for many many years. Apart from the "videoblog" umbrella, I don't fall neatly into any other videomaking category and accordingly call my channel a scrapbook -- it's all a tad bitty but it's full of things that I like and hope other people like. This month I've been working on something called the New Year Revolution, where I post a new video every single day fulfilling the challenges set on the Channel4 website.

As the youngest of three daughters, I'm extremely stubborn and constantly working hard to catch up (or ideally overtake, a girl can dream) with people who've had a few more years on this planet than I have. My dad passed away late last July from a haemorrhagic stroke so I suppose I've been trying to come to terms with that whilst simultaneously refusing to take my foot off the accelerator with the many projects I am signed up to, including being Editorial Director of LeakyNews amongst other things.

Reading and writing are my two biggest interests and I love them like a love song. You can find an inexhaustive list of what I've read recently here on my Goodreads (I do accept all friend requests, I'm just very slow).

Lastly, if you're so inclined, you can always keep up to date with me and my goingson on Twitter.

That's it for now, I have to get back to the books. I'll probably post something else later today and until then, stay excellent. x

P.S. Oh! This blog title! Well it arose both out of a frustration with everyone taking the usernames I wanted and out of a need to make myself feel less like I was standing on the precipice of a cliff and more like I was being handed a flapper dress and being invited into a great party.


  1. Do you mind being called Rosi by people who don't know you? It's weird, most people on the internet are known by one thing, but with you it's like nobody knows whether to call you Rosi or Rosianna. What do you prefer/go by?
    What would your ideal job be?
    I'm looking forwards to reading your blog, you're always so fantastically eloquent in your videos.

  2. Hey Rosianna, nice looking blog =) Loving your revolution videos, and I love that you have two names (Tfios reference.) And happy birthday!

    so much pun!

    um i'm 18 so i don't know what i'm talking about but yeah. im pretty freaking happy you made this blog because i have a blogspot and i follow a bunch of blogspots and it's super easy to do so, but not so easy to follow wordpress sites. because i can't just check one dashboard for updates. and i get lazy. and i don't do it.

    moral of the story? you have some pretty lazy people who like you, so it's pretty awesome that you make things easy for them. thanks!


  4. You've just turned 20 and you're in the last year of your degree? Did you skip a year of school or something?

  5. Happy birthday Rosianna!
    As a veteran of the 20s (I celebrated my 28th birthday 5 days ago), I'd like to take a moment to let you know that this precipice you may feel you're standing on doesn't have to feel that way. The first half of my twenties was spent kind of swimming round and round in circles like a fish trapped in a very small fishbowl. I sort of had no idea where I was going or what I was doing. And I feel that perhaps that's how young twenty-somethings are supposed to feel. Maybe.
    The second half of my twenties have been nothing short of spectacular. Not only have I discovered what I'm good at and what I love to do, but I've found my passion and my calling in life. There have been trials and tribulations, but those have helped to shape me into a better person. Aside from having to goodbye far too early to my dear Dad 18 months ago, everything else has been rather lovely.
    So. I guess what I'm saying is that it should and it shouldn't feel like a cliff waiting to be jumped off of. Your twenties will be an adventure, because you are an adventurer.

    Much luck on finishing your dissertation. I'm sure it'll be great.

    I do so much look forward to more videos and blog posts, because as someone else pointed out you are quite eloquent in your ramblings.


  6. Happy birthday Rosianna!
    You are a huge inspiration to me, and you always make me smile :-)

    Have a beautiful night.


  7. Lovely new blog, Rosianna :)I know loads of people must say this to you, but you're one of my main role models in life, along with John Green. I'm fifteen and I really want to be more like you. Hope you had a fantastic birthday and enjoy doing this blog :) x

  8. Hooray, I'm excited that you're blogging again! I've been trying to do so as well recently (well, kind of), and it is really rewarding and fun. It's just that you have to kind of keep it consistent somehow. Anyway, it's good fun and I'm glad to be joining you here in the twenties even though technically I belong in the teens, which are not quite as bombastic. The war is still kind of raging on, I guess, but maybe I'll start celebrating its end early. (Okay, the history metaphors end now.) :)

  9. Happy New Blog! I look forward to reading what else you have to write and to your weekly posts! (Though of course no pressure on continuing that!)

  10. I love the idea of dancing through one's twenties in a flapper dress! As a great fan of your videos and as another gal just starting her twenty-something years, I'm quite excited to read more of this blog. Best of luck with the new endeavor!

  11. blogspot now eh? Good stuff, it's slightly easier to follow! :D
    Jealous of your trip to Chicago, love that city too. Hopefully going next year.

    I always try to do the 'blog at least once a week' thing, but I'm a miserable failure, I hope you can keep it up, though I have faith you will, you seem to be a very organised gal, missy! :D

  12. Welcome! Welcome to blogspot :) just watched your latest Revolutions video, will look up the children's books you mention. I got the collecive stories of Winnie the Pooh for Xmas, very exciting stuff.

  13. Happy blog warming! :)
    I very much enjoy your YT videos, and as a fellow blogger, I'm excited to be able to follow you on here as well.

  14. Greetings! I found your YouTube Channel through Nerdfighters et al and have been following your fun daily resolution/revolution tasks. As per the party analogy, who wouldn't want to wear an awesome flapper dress and go to Jay Gatsby's home? I mean, seriously? Sign me up!

  15. I am puzzled by this: "I am, as of Wednesday 25th January 2012, twenty years of age" but apart from that, yay for new blog. I am pleased to say that I'ce read atleast 4-5 of those 20 privated blogs and I really love your writing.

  16. I love catching up with you through youtube and blogger and twitter. I'm very grateful for you and everything you do. Also I love how "Welcome to the Twenties" is also about your life, which as a 22 year old is pretty good so far.

  17. As a long-time missxrojas watcher, I can't describe to you how happy it makes me that you are going to share just a little more of that brilliant mind with us. Every time you talk about books or writing or something you have to do, it motivates and inspires me to do more and think more and just be an all around better person. I'm a writer that is now working on my PhD, and I am the youngest (approaching my 25th birthday in June) of three as well, so I completely know where you are coming from. Catching up. But sometimes I've felt like I've missed a step, so I've started to slow down a bit and try to concentrate on the moment (not easy for an ambitious mind, I'm tellin' ya). Anyway, enough about silly old me, this is your blog! Your fabulous, Roaring Twenties blog!

    I wish you the very best, Rosianna, as you approach the end of your last term and your 21st birthday! How exciting! And what better place to celebrate it than in a country that will finally let you have a drink! Sheesh, America! Give the girl a drink already! :-)